Bachelorette Cake Ideas

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Bachelorette Cake Ideas

Do you have a bachelorette party coming up? Are you fretting about what cake is going to work best for your party and your guests? Have no fear, Frudeco™ is here. At Frudeco™ we have a huge range of cakes that are perfect for your bachelorette party.

Although cake might not be your biggest concern for the night, it should not be forgotten. All of our Frudeco™ cakes are made from the finest ingredients and signature flavors. We offer two base flavors for your cake, our traditional crunchy almond and a chocolate almond version as well. On top of our base cookie cake options, we have a huge selection of cream-filling flavors to help you find the perfect flavor for your party.

Flavors to Die For

With flavors that are traditional but not basic like chocolate and vanilla you cannot go wrong. If you want flavors that have a bit more interest and depth, we offer things like coffee, mascarpone, pistachio, and more. We can also make filling with fruity flavors that are lighter but that are also not lacking in flavor. We can make you the lemon of your dreams, raspberry, strawberry, and more.

On top of great cookie flavors and decadent filling, we also have tons of great color options when it comes to your toppings and décor. We can top your cake with gold, silver, pink, purple, and every color in between. Depending on the season, we can also use fresh seasonal fruit to top your cake and make it something truly stunning.

Our cakes come in a range of sizes to feed any number of guests and we can help you to figure out what size cake is going to work best for you and what cake is going to feed all your guests.

Choose a Design that Fits your Theme

We also offer a range of shapes for your cake that is sure to get your guests talking. We can make a champagne bottle cake with a flute, a heart cake, a ring cake, and the ever popular, penis cake. That is right, we can create a cake that is going to fit the typical bachelorette party theme and that will surely tickle the fancy of your guests and your guest of honor.


We will work with you from start to finish so that you can get the cake of your dreams. We will work with you to find out what flavors you want, what shape works best for your party, what size cake you need, and more. We can also take food allergies into account and can help create a cake that is going to be safe and delicious for your party guests.


Our talented and skilled bakers will work to make sure that your cake is fresh and delicious. We can also work with you to get same-day delivery or next-day delivery and will work to help you find the cake that is going to truly make your bachelorette party something that you will never forget.


Bachelorette parties are special, we want to be part of your special day and will do whatever it takes to help you get the cake that is going to be delicious and that is going to be the center of the party.