Jingle and jangle with this glitzy Christmas tree cake, brimming with holiday cheer. With a base made of chocolate almond crispy dough and French vanilla cream filling, this Christmas Tree cake will steal the show at your next holiday get-together. Toppings include Macarons, cookies, berries, chocolates, rosemary, and more, and customizations can be made to ensure that your tree will match your tastes and even your decor.

The Christmas Tree cake is perfect for those last-minute family events, with next-day orders available! This cake comes in large and extra-large sizes for bigger events, with size serving range from 10 people and up to 40 people! Enjoy the holidays with a cake as memorable as the event itself.


The stockings are hung by the chimney with care, in hopes of St. Nicholas – and what should appear on the dessert table? A collection of adorable Mini Tree cakes! These cute and tasty Mini Tree cakes make your event brighter and more enchanting for guests, family, and loved ones.

Mini Tree cakes come in two sizes for events large and small, and also come in a range of colors including berry Christmas, silver winter, pink and rose gold, and red and white, so you can match your trees to your decor and preferences. Merry Christmas!


Reflect on the spirit of the season with this Christmas Wreath, decked in toppings of many colors, ranging from silver and green to berry red and blue. Made from a base of chocolate almond crispy dough and French vanilla cream, with other base choices available, you can choose the toppings and flavors that best suit your tastes.

This stunning and elegant Christmas Wreath makes a perfect dessert table centerpiece. The wreath feeds up to 15 people, but you can supplement your event with matching holiday cupcakes for larger events.


Serve up to 20 people with this colorful and delicious Stocking Cake creation. It’s a perfect reminder that Santa is coming and soon to be here! Built up on a base of red almond crispy dough and French vanilla cream, this holiday stocking makes a striking focal point for your dessert table.

Its berry topping contributes to a sweet, light flavor. Bite into the perfect end to your holiday meal. The Stocking Cake serves up to 20 people and is available in a range of colors including silver winter, pink and rose gold, and berry Christmas. Last-minute orders can be accommodated!


Santa’s on his way with this delicious and beautiful Santa Hat Cake! Give the kids something to squeal about when they see Santa’s favorite stocking hat on your dessert table. The Santa Hat cake comes in red and white, berry Christmas, silver winter, and pink and gold colors. Choose the base cookie cake option and the toppings that have the look and flavor you like best. The Santa Hat serves up to 20 people, but for larger groups, you can supplement matching cupcakes or Mini Christmas Trees. Enjoy!


Get your chocolate fix with a cute and creative Santa’s Reindeer for your dessert table. With base cookie options of chocolate almond cookie dough and a range of cream flavor options, you can choose the look and taste that you want for your reindeer cake. Kids and adults alike giggle with joy when they see this lovable, charming Christmas cake.

The Santa’s Reindeer Cake offers up to 20 servings for larger groups and is available overnight shipping, so last-minute orders can be accommodated. Feeling in a rush? Need something impressive for your upcoming holiday meal? No worries. Order yours today.


Run, run as fast as you can to catch this Gingerbread Man! This friendly and funny Gingerbread Man cake reminds us to stay playful this Christmas season. This cake is a favorite at family gatherings with small children who love to see the cookie-shaped cake with a friendly smiling face.

Made with original almond tart cake base and French vanilla cream, the Gingerbread Man cake never fails to impress. This cake feeds up to 20 servings for family events and pairs nicely with the Reindeer cake to offer extra variety in very large groups.


Wrapped in luxurious, glitzy red paper, these Christmas Cupcakes are the perfect ornaments for your dessert table. Each cupcake has its own attractive topping, from berries to cookies, sprigs of rosemary, and more. Cupcakes can be a dessert or can be a supplement to a larger dessert like a Christmas Wreath Cake or Christmas Tree Cake.

Match the cupcakes to the other cake in your order for a fully coordinated dessert table. Adding a box of Christmas cupcakes to your dessert order also adds variety so everyone can find at least a dessert option they’ll love.

CHRISTMAS mini cake box – 8/12

Bring the spirit of Christmas to your table with Christmas Mini Cakes custom-made for you. Christmas Mini Cakes are an excellent supplement to another order like the Santa Hat Cake or the Christmas Tree Cake. You can match the toppings to your other order for a fully coordinated dessert table. The Mini Cake box is available in quantities of 8 or 12 cakes, to serve groups of different sizes. You’ll wow your guests with their elegant toppings and sweet, light flavor. It’s the perfect food to wrap up your holiday meal.