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Cake Ideas For Girls

Cakes are a focal point of any party and for little girls, the cake is so important. There are tons of great cake ideas out there for your little lady and finding the right cake can make such a difference. At Frudeco™ we have a ton of great cake shapes that are sure to make your party something that you will never forget.

Flavor that Counts

If you are tired of traditional sheet cakes, our layered cookie cakes are just the ticket. At Frudeco™ we have two base cookie cake flavors, traditional crunchy almond and chocolate almond. Both are crisp and delicious and are made of the freshest ingredients. We also offer a huge range of filling options that are sure to tickle the fancy of anyone that is looking for a great cake.

Our filling flavors range from traditional vanilla, to lemon, raspberry, coffee, pistachio and more. Our filling flavors are luscious and creamy and are prefect for those that are looking for a cake that is really going to go above and beyond and that is going to be truly fantastic. We can also help to top your cake with truly stunning décor that will make any princess proud.

We have décor in gold, silver, pink, purple, teal, rainbow and so much more. We can also top your cake with fresh fruit that is in season at the time to make for an even bigger statement. We will work with you to cover most  food allergies and can even look at your inspiration photos to help create the cake that is going to make your little girl happy.

Shapes We Offer

Our cakes are made to order, they are unique to each customer and we offer a range of different shapes that are going to fit your theme. We can make a butterfly, hello kitty, mermaid, Minnie Mouse and more. We will work with you to find out what shape is going to fit your party theme and the interests of your girl.


We can also help advise what size cake is going to work for you and your party. We will work with you to find the flavor combination that is going to make your mouth water and that will be the talk of your party for weeks to come.


Our cakes are made to order, this means that you are going to get the freshest cake possible with the best ingredients. We are on Uber eats, so you can have your cake delivered. We also work to get your cake to you as quickly as possible and can do one day turnaround on cakes when given the time.


If you are looking for the perfect cake, the cake that is going to make your little girl so happy, we want to be part of it. At Frudeco™ we will work with you to make the perfect cake that you have been dreaming of. Let us be part of your special day with a cake that steal the show.