menorah Hanukkah Cake – SERVES UP TO 20PPL

Light up the night with the Menorah Hanukkah cake decorated in baubles and roses and sentiments of home. This Hanukkah cake comes in three color options to coordinate with your Hanukkah event. Dazzle your guests, relatives and friends with a cake that serves 20 people. The Hanukkah cake is made from multiple tiers of shortbread and is available in the original almond crispy dough or chocolate almond crispy dough, so you can choose the flavors and colors that really mean something to you. Serve them a cake that they’ll love with the Menorah Hanukkah cake.

star of david cake – SERVES UP TO 20PPL

Adorn your table with a symbol of great importance with the Star of David cake, and make this Hanukkah more memorable than ever. This multi-tier cake comes in three color options including blue and silver, yellow gold and cream, and forest design, so you can choose the colors that are best for your event. Make this Hanukkah the sweetest holiday of all as you serve those you love a dessert to remember. Each Star of David cake serves up to 20 people. Serving a larger group? Supplement your dessert with 12 matching cupcakes.


DREIDEL Hanukkah cake – SERVES UP TO 20PPL

Dreidel, dreidel, dreidel – we made it out of frosting and cookies! This sweet and simple Dreidel cake serves groups up to 20 people and comes adorned with baubles, macarones, candy and more. Make your dreidel cake the centerpiece of your dessert table for events with family, friends and loved ones this Hanukkah. Need to serve more people? Buy 12 matching cupcakes. Dreidel cakes come in a range of colors including blue and silver, yellow gold and cream and forest design. With two tiers of almond crispy dough, everyone gets a sizable portion to complete their Hanukkah meal.