Thanksgiving Wreath

The word “bounty” doesn’t even begin to describe the abundance of color and beauty on this elegant, vibrant Thanksgiving wreath! Adorned with the shades of the season, the Thanksgiving Wreath invites the admiration of your guests, relatives, friends and loved ones. Made from three tiers of shortbread-almond tart and French vanilla cream topped by flowers and baubles and berries, the Thanksgiving Wreath is stunning in its design and symbolism of the season.

This dessert is a favorite at Thanksgiving dinners and events, and you can make it a family tradition as well. Impress your guests and feed as many as fifteen people with this elegant and stunning dessert!

“TKS” Giving Cake

Give a great big THANKS to your friends and family at Thanksgiving with the TKS Giving Cake! Colorful and cute, this large cake serves a crowd of as many as 20 people. Each custom-made TKS cake includes a banner that reminds us that giving and having thanks is the true meaning of the Thanksgiving season. The TKS Giving cake is available in three different color schemes including “orange fall,” “pink fall” and the “fall mood,” so you can choose the right colors for your upcoming event.

Wow your friends and family and make your dessert the true center of attention this upcoming holiday with the TKS Giving cake!


Gobble gobble gobble! This turkey is one you’ll love to look at and admire at your upcoming Thanksgiving event! With a base made of crispy shortbread almond tart and a French vanilla cream base, decorated with colorful frosting, cookies, fruits and more, the Thanksgiving Turkey will quickly become your family’s go-to dessert at the Thanksgiving holiday! Available in “Fall Mood” and “Orange Fall” color options, this dessert can be matched to your dining room table and your aesthetic preferences. Two googly eyes make this turkey a cute and lovable treat for everyone at your Thanksgiving celebration.


Who doesn’t love mini cakes? They’re the perfect accompaniment to a cake order, or you can buy them on their own to make your dessert table decorative and tasty at the same time. If you’ve customized your cake order, don’t forget that you can match the mini cakes to your larger cake.

Each Thanksgiving mini cake is made with a base of crispy shortbread almond tart with French vanilla cream filling, then finished with the frosting colors and toppers that create an explosion of color and joy at your Thanksgiving meal. Make your Thanksgiving dessert the sweetest time of all with mini cakes that everyone can love.


Not sure what to serve for your Thanksgiving dessert? We’ve got the answer! Topped with sugar and spice and everything nice, these Thanksgiving cupcakes can be a show-stopper at your next Thanksgiving meal.

Each cupcake is encased in shiny gold paper to elicit “oohs” and “ahhhs” from your dinner guests. Topped with sweet cookies, frosting, flowers, berries, sugar beads and more, these cupcakes can be purchased to supplement a larger cake or can be bought to stand on their own. Each cupcake is moist and delicious and won’t go unappreciated by your dinner guests. Decorate your dessert table with something beautiful this year!