Show Your Patriotism on the 4th of July!

July 4th, or Independence Day, is the ultimate American holiday celebrated by millions each year.  It is a time when Americans show pride in their country by wearing red, white, and blue, waving sparklers and attending fireworks displays.  The day is significant because it marks the anniversary of when our country became its own nation, which remains one of the most important and admired countries in the world.

The first of the annual 4th of July celebrations took place in July of 1777 in Philadelphia.  However, one of our Founding Fathers,  John Adams, who also happened to be the 2nd President of the United States, felt certain that the celebration should be celebrated on the 2nd day of July, rather than the 4th.  Even though it still took place on the 4th, Adams refused to go to any of the July 4th events!  If that were to happen today, he would miss out on one of the best cakes ever made!


Bring out the Cake and Bring out the Flag!

Traditionally, individuals, families, friends, and businesses are known to throw big parties to demonstrate pride in America.  People have barbecues or hire bands and have dances.  Hot dogs and burgers sizzle on the grill, and potato salad is a well-recognized staple for the celebration.   The 4th of July is a time for laughter and joy, and Americans know how to do it the right way.

At the center of the 4th of July table, it is not unusual to see a specially-decorated cake that represents the splendor of the occasion.  FRUDECO™ came up with something special that will make any holiday celebration unforgettable.

Our American flag cake can feed up to 20 people.  Our bakers use fruits, berries, and Vanilla Cream to recreate the American flag in all its glory.  Fresh, red strawberries form the red stripes of the flag and dark blue blackberries and blueberries are dotted with tiny white candy stars to create a stunning presentation.

You have two choices for the base of the cake. Select our original almond crispy dough in beige, or change the look of the cake with our chocolate almond crispy dough in a delectable dark brown.  The piped-on cream filling comes in your choice of rich, succulent vanilla. Alternatively, you might want to try our vanilla with dulcet de leched or vanilla with delightful Nutella!   Many of our customers order chocolate cream or Oreo cream that has Oreo cookie crumbles inside.



Extra Boom!

To add to the excitement, we offer a pre-made chocolate oval plate banner, or perhaps you might like a custom text banner.  We will even add a gift message if you desire.  If you really want to light up the faces of your party-goers, try our specially-made cake sparklers.  We can add birthday candles and include a dozen Matching cupcakes to go along with the theme if you would like.