From the stages of Baptism, Holy Communion through Confirmation, there are many milestones to celebrate as one is along their spiritual journey. One way to make the day extra special while creating amazing photo ops is to have a custom-made cake to commemorate the experience.

Baptisms Are The Foundation for Spiritual Success

Baptism is a foundation of the Sacrament of Initiation, which frees one from original sins assigned at birth. Confirmation is the second part of this initiation and is a ritual that indicates the strengthening of one’s personal faith. Communion is the third Sacrament, where one partakes in the Body and blood of Christ to be a part of his sacrifice.

Baptism is an important Sacrament and is an essential component of being initiated into the Church. Derived from the Greek word, baptizo or bapto, baptism literally means one is ready to wash or immerse themselves to wash away and be free of sin.

This takes place by being dipped fully underwater by a priest or minister. Water baptism is an act of submission and obedience that represents forgiveness and unity with Christ and the Holy Trinity.

This is the perfect time to serve those who serve God and who attend the baptism the gift of a specialized cake or single-serve portions dessert order. See the selections below or call in a custom order.

Holy Moly! Celebrating the First Holy Communion

The First Holy Communion is a ceremony in the Catholic Church that remarks the time when a child or adult has been Baptized and is ready to enter accepting the Sacrament of the Eucharist. This is a remarkable event in many religious families’ lives. Traditionally, ceremonies are followed by family gatherings, festive parties, and celebrations of this achievement.

Generally, these occasions feature white gowns and guests clothed in white to commemorate the purification of the newly communized member. Gifts of a religious nature are only the second choice to cash for recipients. But a communion cake brings about a bit of goodness to all attendees there to celebrate. See where grace guides you with a Communion Cake below.

Take a Peek At Some of Our Custom Cakes for All Stages of Baptism to Communion

Here at FRUDECO™

The Sacraments are part of the initiation of an individual into Christ and the Church. These rites, rituals, and ceremonies are pivotal in many’s lives and our professionals at FREDECO Bakery honor them through meaningful creams that are solemn and respectful. We pray that our bakery treats and cakes can promote the responsibility of being leading a life of faith.

We go a step beyond being a basic bakery. We specialize in creations from traditional to over-the-top custom orders. Your order will be freshly baked with gentleness and care and will taste sweetly divine!