Our FAMOUS Almond crispy dough cream tart HOLIDAY EDITION

The base is made of crisp shortbread-almond tart with a creamy filling

Rather than

A more traditional sponge cake with buttercream.
As a result our cakes are more light in flavor, not too sweet and extremely DELICIOUS!

This holiday bring life into your table with our unique style cakes.

Whether you use it as a center piece or just to compliment your holiday set up!

ADD a SPLASH of color to your holiday with a luxury custom made FRUDECO cake




2022 New Year’s cake

New Year’s only comes around once a year and is one of the most celebrated holidays. It takes up most of the main channels on television. There is a sort of magic in the air and It brings people together in a very cheery fashion, and there is a buzzing excitement all around.

Join the CELEBRATION with the best new year’s cake from FRUDECO!



champagne bottle CAKE

Way back in the 16th century, Europeans were poppin’ bottles as a way to celebrate events, but only the absolute wealthiest people drank champagne, as it was super expensive at the time.

Popping champagne corks at the stroke of midnight is a mainstay on New Year’s Eve, whether at swanky parties or home celebrations. In general, overindulgence and excess are hallmarks of New Year’s celebrations around the world.

Bring this LUXURY CHAMPAGNE BOTTLE CAKE to your New Years celebration and get this party started!