Out of love for fruits, nature and colors, the brand FRUDÉCO was born, offering an exotic fruit experience for magical moments in life.

FRUDÉCO leads the artistic concept of baskets and fruit cakes that reach all corners of the city.

The freshness of the fruit, the uncompromising quality, the perfect design and the standard of service, surpass any imagination.

     Whether you are celebrating a birthday, a wedding anniversary, an important business meeting, friends you want to please or just indulge with, you are invited to get excited by designing custom baskets and cakes, enjoy cutting and offering appetizing fruits and savouring countless exotic tastes from different corners of the world.

 FRUDÉCO offers a variety of types and sizes that will fit any pocket!
IF YOU HAVE NOT BOUGHT a fruit basket, a fruit tray or a specially designed fruitcake that can confuse the senses,


           From that point, we will do everything – CHOOSE the fine and fresh fruit, CUT, DESIGN, BAKE and DELIVER shortly after the order,

The baskets and fruit cakes are already making eye contact and winking meaningfully at your important customer.

ORDER NOW, compliments will follow.