We have just the cake for you to surprise your dad this Father’s Day.

The cake is all about blue, blue, and blue – complete with decorative touches like berries, French Vanilla cream, and blackberry designs.

Inside the cake is just as amazing as the outside. You can customize it with just the right flavor and cream that will be your dad’s favorite. We can accommodate special requests, so just let us know what cake will be the dessert of your dad’s dreams.

DAD CAKE + mini crown – SERVES UP TO 20PPL

If your dad deserves to be treated like royalty this Father’s Day, we have the perfect cake for you. The letters form the word “DAD” and are topped off perfectly with a small crown-shaped decorative Mini Cake

The flavor and taste are delicious, as the cake part is available in a variety of flavors. The same goes for the cream filling. You are able to request the exact flavors that are sure to please your special dad.

The design features special touches like pretzels, candies, cookies, cream, and decorative, Chocolate Pearls, and more! The color theme is brown and beige, but we can customize that to suit your needs.



The heart-shaped “DAD” cake spells out D-A-D.

It is so colorful and has a burst of flavor, as it includes a scrumptious variety of fresh fruits. We can include fruits like strawberries and blueberries. Other creative and delicious touches are cookies and chocolate. Tell your dad how much you love him in the form of our unique heart-shaped special cake. If you have a certain design in mind for your special Father’s Day cake, just let us know.