Gender Reveal Cakes

The birth of a child is one of the most exciting and pivotal moments in the lives of those around it. For those that are about to experience the birth of a child and want to have some fun with a gender reveal cake, here at Frudeco™, we have you covered. It is our absolute pleasure to be able to make cakes for your gender reveal party that are going to be memorable, beautiful, and absolutely delicious.

We can help you make your gender reveal party or baby shower something that you, and your friends and family, will remember forever. We can help you create the cake of your dreams, from a simple gender reveal cake that will fit with any party, to specially themed cakes that are geared toward the party that you are having or your favorite things, we can create a cake that is going to look great and taste great at the same time.

Lets do the reveal together

At Frudeco™, our skilled team of bakers and decorators can create cakes that are shaped like different things from onesies to mermaid tails to super fun question marks that can be filled with the cream color of your choice to help you reveal to your closest family and friends what gender your little one is going to be.

Our cakes are all freshly made to order and come with many different options when it comes to the flavors that you can select. With cookie cake base options like crispy almond and chocolate almond, you can choose your base flavor and then choose the cream flavor that appeals to you most. We offer over 15 different cream flavors like traditional vanilla bean, Oreo cookie, raspberry, Mascarpone and more.

When it comes to design we can work with you to create a design that fits the theme of your party and that also fits with your preferences. We will work with your likes and dislikes and can even use inspiration photos that you send us to get the perfect cake.

Endless possibilities

There is no limit to the design and topping choices that you have, we can put fresh seasonal fruit on top, do rose gold design elements, blue, pink, rainbow, white, chocolate, the possibilities are truly endless. We want to help make your gender reveal party the perfect event that you and your friends and family will remember forever.


At Frudeco™ we know how special the birth of a child is, and we want to make sure that the cake you have is the perfect compliment to your party and to help welcome your new bundle of joy. Contact us today to find out more about gender reveal cake options, to find out more about what sorts of cakes we offer, and to start your order process. We do offer next day delivery, we are on uber eats, and we can work with your timeline to help you get the cake of your dreams.